About Desiree

Desirée became interested in Astrology through the study of her own chart and personal relationships.  She has been an independent student of Astrology since 2015. She graduated from Minot State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, with an emphasis on International Business and Management.  Desirée is committed to spiritual growth via Astrology.  Please go … Continue reading About Desiree

The Planets

Astrology: The Planets as Characters within the Psyche By: Desiree Pinks   Sun is the planet associated with a person’s life force, vitality, ego, will, potential, spirit, & creativity. The Sun can also express itself within the chart as a parent, authority figure, leader, eldest child, entertainer, masculine force & hero. The Sun rules the … Continue reading The Planets

The Houses

1st House is the area of life concerning a person’s birth, appearance, first impressions, spirit, body, new ventures, self, confidence, the present, grandparents, great- grandchildren, newcomers, and arrivals.   2nd House is the area of life concerning a person’s movable possessions, skills & talents, money, livelihood, securities, investments, investors, resources & it represents how we … Continue reading The Houses